Hey 👋 thanks for taking time to chat with me at #WCUS

My name is Daron Spence and I’m a front end developer with a passion for building experiences on the web using WordPress. I’m the lead developer of ACF Widgets and I work full time at a small marketing agency.

I am currently looking for new employment to support my growing family. My current employer is aware of the situation and supportive of my transition. I’m looking for a good cultural fit wherever I end up more than anything. I’m excited to learn about your company and how I can potentially fit in!

If you want to chat some more shoot me an email at

me @ daronspence.com

or DMs on Twitter, Post Status Slack, or WordPress Slack @daronspence.

Just as a bit of a primer, here are some sites that I’ve developed from start to finish as a sole developer for my current employer. Some of these sites are older than others. 
Disclaimer: some clients/people edit stuff; you get it.

  • https://www.cunninghamtelephoneandcable.com/ 
  • https://citywidestorage.net/
  • https://americanpestonline.com/
  • https://standardpha.com/
  • http://mccks.edu/
  • https://24-7stores.com/
  • https://eagleinc.com/ 
  • https://tiak.org/ 
  • https://eatwheat.org/ 
  • https://wamegohealthcenter.org/ 
  • https://manhattanfirst.org/